Caravan Storage

The Beeches Campite

Shobdon, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 9NY

Tel: 01568 708678 - Mobile: 07946095196

Caravan Storage


We also do secure caravan and motorhome/vehicle storage. The vehicles are all stored on tarmac and benefit from new security/floodlighting. We can be flexible with dates and times but obviously would prefer 24 hours’ notice if possible.

The need for storage varies from customer to customer. Some want storage as they do not have their caravan sat on the driveway taking up valuable parking space. Others, however, chose to store them away from the home for peace of mind and security reasons. If a caravan is normally sat on the driveway and is then away it draws attention that you are away and the house is unoccupied!!


Some people who stay with us regularly, prefer to leave it here so that are not towing a caravan back and forth. They advise us when they are coming down and we move their caravan down onto pitch ready for their arrival. They enjoy the stay in the knowledge that we will put it back for them without them getting involved. “You go with tow!” If you require any more details please do not hesitate to get in touch.